Across the 90’Maurizio Favetta was chief designer at the studio of the renowned architect Matteo Thun in Milan. In this period he transversally worked on architecture, interior and product design and started to investigate the interaction and synergy between architecture and visual communication.

With the leadership of Matteo Thun , Maurizio Favetta brought around the world the exhibition of visionary skyscrapers “The Heavy Dress – a manifesto of architecture” , a collection of media buildings years before they appeared in our landscapes.

From 1990 to 1993 he has been worldwide project leader for the launch of the first generation of Swatch retail stores.

In 1994 Maurizio Favetta after almost ten years of collaboration with Matteo Thun, started his own activity founding King Size Design.

The headquarter was established in Milan - via Tortona, the Milanese district which, after some years, became the point of reference for the international creativity.

King Size Design has become quickly the creative centre of projects in different circles: architecture, showrooms and retail, display design, exhibition stands, scenography and movie sets.